RELEvent 2020

12-13 Sep 2020

It is a thing of beauty, to watch my young friends bud and bear fruit in such constraining situations. I was able to witness, first-hand, the plethora of talents that our students showcased throughout these two days. I am proud of my organizers and happy to meet new faces.
To all my dear students, I wish you the very best in life. And to all the leaders of IEDC, I bestow upon you the responsibility of taking CATALYST IEDC MBCET to newer heights.

Arun J S

Nodal Officer

Really overwhelmed by the participation and the sheer passion the participants showed in these two days. The only thing I would like to share with the coming leaders is that it's all about the value you deliver to others. That matters more than the quantity of the stuff you do. It's important to move forward as a family more than an individual. Every small contribution matters."

Jobby Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

I believe, I was too involved in RELEvent2020 for picking up the qualitative ones for the new execom and I'm glad that there are a lot of candidates who are the best for our team.
A leader is one who paves way for the growth of his team. The leader itself grows along with his/her team. I want the upcoming leaders to grow and build a strong personality for themselves and be an inspiring one for others to come forward and take up any challenges.
All the Best

Gouri A V

Chief Social Officer

RELEvent is always special to me because it helps me to see where I am now and who I was. Past two days was hectic but it was worth the sweat. Witnessing other people grow is a bliss.
Leader is a change maker. A good leader is not for the team but with the team. Leader is the glue that binds the shattered pieces and mould them into a masterpiece.

Joseph John Panicker

Chief Marketing Officer

We had a great level of involvement from the participants' side during these two day selection process. The participants were really active and involved in doing their tasks and juggled all the tasks simultaneously with great enthusiasm. As an alumnus of IEDC I would expect the future leaders to take the legacy forward. I believe that the future leaders can overcome all the hurdles and take our community to greater levels.

Jerin Sam James

Robotics Community Head